Knuckles vs. Egg Golem

For the Sonic Adventure 2 boss, see Egg Golem (SA2).

The Egg Golem is one of Dr. Eggman's numerous Eggmobile mecha and the boss of the Sandopolis Zone in Sonic & Knuckles. This mecha appears to be a stone statue at first, but comes to life once the player approaches it. The Golem moves slowly toward the player, dragging itself across the floor on its large arms. Its torso and knuckles are covered in spikes and the eye gem on the Golem's head can charge up and fire a diagonal laser beam down at the player. The player can attack the Golem by jumping on its arm which serves as a platform, and then jumping and striking the unspiked part of its body. Doing this will cause the Golem to lose its stone covering, revealing Dr. Eggman sitting in his Eggmobile, which is sat on a mechanical column. The statue will briefly stop moving until its stone skin comes back on, so it will be vulnerable at this point. The Eggmobile is its weak spot, which takes eight hits to defeat. Throughout the fight, the Egg Golem crawls from one side of the boss room to the other. If it gets all the way to the wall on the far left, the player will be crushed. If playing as Knuckles, the Golem moves twice as fast.