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For the Sonic & Knuckles boss, see Egg Golem (S&K).

The Egg Golem is a giant humanoid robot made of stone created by Dr. Eggman. It appears as a boss in Sonic Adventure 2, both for the Hero and Dark stories.

When Sonic the Hedgehog and friends invade Dr. Eggman's pyramid base, the doctor calls forth the stone giant, Egg Golem. The Golem attacks Sonic by swiping and slamming its fists on the ring platform surrounding it, and Sonic avoids its attacks and jumps on several platforms sticking out of the Golem's back. On top of the Egg Golem's head is a restraining mechanism that keeps the robot from going beserk. After striking it four times, Sonic apparently defeats the Egg Golem and makes his escape. The Golem then attacks its creator and Eggman must combat his creation in his Egg Walker II. Three power cells are concealed within the Golem's torso, which are uncovered by repeated bazooka blasts from Eggman. Eggman then locks on to the batteries with his homing launcher, destroying them and leaving the Egg Golem to sink into the sands beneath the pyramid.

Sonic XEdit


Egg Golem info card

The Egg Golem also appears during Sonic X's Sonic Adventure 2 tie-in arc. According to its information card, it is 57 meters tall and weighs 250 tonnes. When Sonic and friends invaded Eggman's pyramid base, Bokkun controls the Egg Golem by remote and sends it to chase the heroes out of the pyramid. Cream the Rabbit manages to snatch the remote control from Bokkun and commands the Golem to attack him, giving the heroes a chance to hijack a space shuttle to take to the Space Colony ARK.