320px-SA1 EggWalker

The Egg Walker is a large four-legged Egg Mobile armature created and piloted by Dr. Eggman. In Sonic Adventure, after his plan to blow up the city of Station Square is thwarted by Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Eggman attacks the city in this machine and Tails tries to stop him by himself.

The Egg Walker's large, heavy legs cause the ground to shake as it walks. The mecha is also capable of jumping great heights and fair distances, deploying bombs as it leaps to flatten everything beneath it. Its feet can also generate shockwaves when stamping on the spot, though using this attack seems to make the foot gears malfunction briefly. If Tails strikes the blue gears when they're sparking, the mecha's body will lower and give Tails the chance to attack the cockpit. As well as the aforementioned weapons, the Egg Walker also carries rockets and a flamethrower. These did Eggman no good in battling Tails and the Walker was destroyed. Eggman would then retreat to his Final Egg base to battle Sonic the Hedgehog in his Egg Viper machine.