Advance2 walker

In the Sonic Adventure 2 video game, Dr. Eggman is a playable character. Throughout the game he pilots this machine - the Egg Walker II - into battle with the forces of G.U.N. and Sonic and friends.

The Egg Walker II is a land-based Egg Mobile that walks and runs on two robotic legs. Like all other Egg Mobile models, it is a single-seat craft meant only for Dr. Eggman to operate. The machine can jump and its top half is capable of full 360 degree rotation. It can be modified with a selection of weapons and gadgets like any other Egg Mobile, including additional armour plating and hover engines to slow the craft's descent. Its arsenal consists of a vulcan cannon, a homing-missile launcher and a mechanical boxing glove for battering foes that get too close. It can also be outfitted with additional weapons such as a bazooka, a rocket launcher and laser cannon.

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