DLN-008 Elec Man is the sixth of the original Robot Masters built by Dr. Light in the original Mega Man game, serving as a boss of one of the game's six selectable levels. His original purpose was to regulate power output from the nuclear power station that he managed. But like the other Robot Masters, he was stolen and reprogrammed to serve Dr. Wily's megalomaniacal purposes. In most Mega Man media apart from the games, he is not destroyed rather than reverted back to his original programming, assisting the Light family and even helping Mega Man in some of his adventures.

When not under Dr. Wily's control, Elec Man has a very calm and collected attitude. Although a competent robot, he can be arrogant and overly certain of his own abilities. Of the original six Robot Masters, he is the most agile and intelligent.


  • Thunder Beam - A devastating beam of electrical energy that can destroy Mega Man in as little as three hits. Mega Man can copy this ability and add it to his own arsenal.


  • Rolling Cutter - Elec Man's body is covered with an insulating material that protects his circuitry from being damaged by his own powers. Slicing through the insulation with Cut Man's Rolling Cutter will leave him vulnerable.
  • Oil Slider - Due to the non-conductive nature of the Oil Slider, if Elec Man gets too much oil on him, he will not be able to produce more electricity until it is off of him, making him a sitting duck.