Energon Cubes

Energon Cubes

Energon is the lifeblood of the Transformer race. It serves as the basic fuel for all of Cybertron's inhabitants and comes in a variety of forms such as ore crystals, liquid and raw energy. As well as fuel, energon has served a number of other purposes, such as ammunition, foodstuffs and currency. Without energon, Transformers' bodies will oxidize and rust, their machinery will cease functioning and their very sparks will burn out. The Great War has left Cybertron all but depleted of its once rich sources of energon, forcing its inhabitants to spread out across the galaxy to find new energy resources that can be properly refined and converted to suit their needs. This mad dash for energy has resulted in several planets being ravaged by the constant fighting between the Decepticons and Autobots, making all Transformerkind feared and hated the galaxy over.

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