Enker (MKN-001) is a combat robot built by Dr. Wily that appears in the Game Boy game, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. He is part of a trio of robots known as the Mega Man Killers, which were all designed for the sole purpose of destroying Mega Man.

Abilities Edit

  • Barrier Spear - Enker's spear can easily deflect most weapons.
  • Mirror Buster - The Barrier Spear can also absorb Mega Man's buster fire, allowing Enker to fire it back at him either in short pulses or large, deadly waves. Mega Man can copy this ability and use it as a deflector shield to send energy blasts back at enemies.

Weaknesses Edit

  • In Mega Man: DWR, Enker has no weaknesses and is immune to all weapons except the Mega Buster. However, Enker and the other Mega Man Killers also appear in downloadable stages in Mega Man 10. In this game, Enker is weak against the Ballade Cracker.