DLN-007 Fire Man is one of the six original Robot Masters created by Dr. Thomas Light, only to be stolen and reprogrammed by the evil Dr. Wily. Before his reprogramming, Fire Man was tasked with waste-management duties. His flamethrowers could produce temperatures nearing 8000 degrees, enough to completely incinerate most waste materials. He has a strong sense of duty and justice which shows after he is restored by Dr. Light. He also speaks with a Southern accent.


  • Head Torch - Fire Man's head somewhat resembles an Olympic torch. It can spew flames upward and scorch opponents who try to jump over him.
  • Fire Storm - The cannons on Fire Man's arms launch waves of intense heat that can incinerate almost anything. Contact with water will make them ineffective. Mega Man can copy this weapon.


  • Ice Slasher - Ironically, Fire Man's weakness is ice. As the Ice Slasher gets near him, the heat he generates melts the ice into water and plays havoc with his torches.