Flash Man (DWN-014) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. It is possible that Dr. Wily designed him based on Dr. Light's experimental robot Time Man, though this has not been confirmed.

Flash Man possesses the incredible power to stop time within a limited radius, which to anyone outside his power's effective range will make his following attacks seem to occur in the blink of an eye. Flash Man also appears capable of teleporting, though this is another illusion of his Time Stopper ability.


  • Time Stopper - Freezes time within a limited radius, allowing Flash Man to destroy opponents while they are immobilized. Mega Man is capable of copying this ability.
  • Machine Gun - Flash Man's arm cannon can fire shots off at a rapid rate. In Mega Man Megamix, he has also been shown to switch his cannon to "shotgun mode".


  • Metal Blade - Flash Man has light armour that can easily be shredded by Metal Man's blades.
  • Crash Bomber - If used strategically, the Crash Bomber can deal continuous damage to Flash Man, provided he uses Time Stopper in close proximity to the bomb as it explodes.