Frenzy (G1)

Frenzy is the twin brother of Rumble and fights beside him as one of Soundwave's Mini-Cassette force. Frenzy appears identical to his brother except for his body colour, and their personalities and abilities are what truly set them apart. Whereas Rumble is simply a punk and a bully, Frenzy is certifiably insane. He delights in conflict and destruction on a level that even makes the other Decepticons nervous. Even though he's only about the size of a human in robot form, he'll gladly lead a charge against the largest Autobots if he has any shot at winning.


  • Thruster Guns - Frenzy can take the thruster-shaped guns off his back and mow down human targets with a stream of rapid fire.
  • Arm Drills - Frenzy's arms can transform into drills for tearing into Autobot chassis' or ripping human victims apart. In the G1 cartoon series, he did not have drills but the same piledriver devices as Rumble.
  • Sonic Scream - By rotating the drums in his torso, Frenzy can emit powerful sonic waves to disrupt Autobot audio receptors and even damage their neural circuitry. On humans, it can cause permanent deafness, fatal brain damage or simply drive people mad with panic.