GUN Beetle

Beetles are small hovering drones employed by the Guardian Units of Nations. They mostly fly via a turbine fan and they all have a single optic node. There are various types of Beetles, which are listed below:-

  • Mono Beetle - This Beetle has no weapons or special features and is used only for surveillance. In Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, they often serve as "stepping stones" for Sonic's homing attack, allowing him to reach new areas.
  • Gun Beetle - Beetles outfitted with a machine-gun. Many of these drones are equipped with wings and will do a fly-by attack on enemies.
  • Bomb Beetle - This Beetle will constantly drop bombs on enemies.
  • Rocket Beetle - Beetles equipped with rocket launchers. In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow can pick up the launchers from the Beetles he's destroyed.
  • Spark Beetle - Beetles that can protect themselves by surrounding themselves with an electrical shield.
  • Spring Beetle - Beetles with springs on their tops for Sonic to reach higher ground. He can destroy them by using a Lightspeed Attack on them.
  • Gold Beetle - A gold-plated Beetle drone that spontaneously appears and hovers on the spot briefly before teleporting away. In Sonic Adventure 2, they offer the player a 1000 point bonus for destroying them.