Hornets are large shield-shaped robots that hover in the air. They appear in Sonic Adventure 2 as one of the various robots used by G.U.N.. When an enemy approaches, the Hornet will extend the arms from its back and launch a number of bombs at the target. They can carry up to nine of these bombs, which are all fired simultaneously and home in on their target. Sonic and Shadow can destroy these foes quickly with a homing attack. Tails and Dr. Eggman can either shoot them down with one cannon shot or lock onto the robots and their bombs with their targeting laser, then fire missiles to rack up extra points. Once a Hornet has launched its bombs, it is left defenceless.

In one of Knuckles stages in Sonic Adventure 2, there is a red Hornet robot called "Phoenix". it carries six bombs and launches them much faster than the standard Hornets. There are also Hornets in the later levels that are armed with three laser blasters.