Sonic Adventrue 2 - 02 GUN Hunter

G.U.N. Hunters are humanoid military robots that appear as enemies in various Sonic games. They are tall, imposing and look rather blocky. Their heads are small with only a single optic light. There are several Hunter variants that carry different weapons including rifles, lasers and riot gel that can immobilize targets. Some Hunters also carry large shields to repel attacks, though Sonic and Shadow are capable of sliding beneath these shields.


  • Sonic Adventure 2 (DC/NGC)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Xbox/PS2/NGC)
  • Sonic Rush (DS)
  • Sonic Generations (360/PS3)

Hunters have also appeared in the Sonic X anime. Their title card describes them as being over 3 metres tall and weighing 2.5 tons.