Guts Man (DLN-004) is one of the original six Robot Masters created by Dr. Light. He and the other five Masters were stolen from Light's lab and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world.

Before his reprogramming, Guts Man was designed as a civil engineering robot, aiding in construction and wilderness reclamation. He is easily the strongest of all of Dr. Light's Robot Masters, with a reinforced chassis and great physical strength. In battle, he will use his Super Arm to lift boulders and other heavy objects which he will throw at Mega Man.

Of the original six Robot Masters, Guts Man has made the most in-game appearances since the first Mega Man game. In Mega Man 7, his body was put on display in the Robot Museum until Dr. Wily broke in and stole it. He modified the body with tank treads and a massive construction arm and then sent it to destroy Mega Man when the Blue Bomber assaulted the doctor's base. Guts Man G faired no better than he had the first time and was destroyed by Mega Man.

In various other Mega Man media, Guts Man was restored to his original programming after Mega Man had defeated him. As well as helping out Mega Man in battle, he has occasionally assisted Dr. Light with his work. In his free time, he enjoys karaoke.

  • Weapon: Super Arm - Guts Man uses his Super Arm to lift heavy boulders and throw them to crush his enemies.
  • Weakness: Hyper Bomb - While Guts Man is hardy on the outside, his internal mechanisms are quite sensitive. Strong vibrations - such as those created by Bomb Man's Hyper Bombs - can rattle them up and cause Guts Man to literally be shaken apart from the inside.