Gyroman 2

Gyro Man (DWN-036) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 5. He was originally supposed to be equipped with jets, but due to cost restraints Dr. Wily equipped him with a propeller instead. Gyro Man actually prefers this method of flight.

In Mega Man 5, Gyro Man was commanded by Dr. Wily to attack a hanging garden and steal their admission money. However, attendance stopped after he took over and he quickly became bored.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight - The propeller on Gyro Man's back allows him to fly, which he uses to launch surprise attacks on enemies.
  • Gyro Attack - Gyro Man throws slicing propeller blades at enemies to cut them to pieces. Mega Man can copy this weapon.

Weakness Edit

  • Gravity Hold - Gyro Man is lightweight and sudden shifts in gravity can crush him. He is the only Robot Master that can be affected by Gravity Man's power.