Hard Man (DWN-020) is a large, barrel-bodied Robot Master built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily in Mega Man 3. He was originally designed for land grading, but his Hard Knuckles make dangerous weapons and his 3-ton ceratanium body can withstand most attacks easily. There is a cannon-like device in his body that allows him to launch himself through earth and rock so that he can surprise his enemies.


  • Hard Knuckle - Hard Man's arms are modular and can be launched like rockets to deal massive damage. Mega Man is capable of copying this weapon.
  • Hard Press - Hard Man is so heavy that his footsteps can make the ground tremble. When he lands after a jump, he can cause a strong enough quake to make Mega Man trip up, leaving him vulnerable to attack.
  • Barrel Spin - Hard Man spins the top half of his body as he fires his cannon, launching himself into the rock and earth and burrowing through to ambush his foes and crush them.


  • Magnet Missile - Hard Man's armour is so strong, the only explosives that will work on him have to be carefully focused and attached to him to cause damage.
  • Hard Knuckle - High-impact weapons - such as Hard Man's own Hard Knuckles - can deliver enough force to pulverize his armour.