Hardhead is an Autobot soldier as well as a Headmaster. A true jarhead, he's set in his ways and doesn't like having to adjust to suit the needs of others. When confronted with a new idea, Hardhead will typically try to ignore it or dismiss it. His stubbornness makes it difficult for the other Autobots to get along with him, though that same stubborn attitude has also gotten him out of many tough situations. When faced with overwhelming odds, Hardhead refuses to accept defeat and will fight on until the bitter end.

Abilities Edit

  • Alt-Mode - Hardhead transforms into a Cybertronian assault tank. In this mode, he has a top speed of 155 mph with a range of 450 miles.
  • Armour - Hardhead's chassis is capable of withstanding great punishment and is near-impervious to thermal or electromagnetic beam weapons.
  • Shatterblasters - In robot mode, Hardhead wields two rifles that fire diamond-hard crystalline shards that can shred a foot-thick steel wall with one burst.
  • Main Gun - Hardhead's main gun (located on his shoulder in robot mode) a 120mm laser-guided cannon that shoots a variety of incendiary, sonic and explosive shells.
  • Headmaster - Hardhead is binary-bonded to the Nebulan veteran Duros.