Heat Man (DWN-015) is a Robot Master designed for battle by Dr. Albert Wily. He is one of the eight selectable bosses from Mega Man 2.

Heat Man's design was based off of Fire Man, one of Dr. Light's original six robots. His body is highly resistant to flame and heat, and is made in the shape of a Zippo cigarette lighter, which even has its own lid. The lid sometimes snaps shut when Heat Man laughs. He is capable of generating blazing flames of up to 12,000 degrees Celsius which can protect him from any incoming attacks. He can also spit flames or project tremendous fireballs from his hands. If Heat Man is attacked by any heat-based weapon, he can restore his health.


  • Bodily Crash - Heat Man surrounds himself in fire and tackles his opponent. He cannot be harmed when performing this attack.
  • Atomic Fire - Heat Man charges up power to produce fireballs that can reduce foes to ashes. Mega Man is capable of copying this ability.


  • Bubble Lead - Bubble Man's acidic bubbles can quickly erode Heat Man's mechanisms.