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Hound is a spy and scout for the Autobots and possesses a keen talent for misdirecting foes and sniffing out their hiding places. He was among the Autobots who landed on Earth during the Ark's first flight and since arriving he has become quite attached to the planet. He is endlessly fascinated by by Earth's natural beauty which makes the metallic cityscapes of Cybertron look depressingly dull by comparison. Hound would love nothing more than to experience the wonders of Earth as humans do; he may even secretly desire to be human. He is a benevolent soul who dislikes violence, which is ironic since he is one of the few Autobots with a military-based vehicle mode.


  • Alternate Mode - Hound transforms into a jeep. In this mode, his gun attachment serves as a radar scope that continuously scans his surroundings and saves the data as a topographical map.
  • Holographic Projectors - Hound is capable of projecting 3D holographic images such as maps for formulating combat strategies, or illusions to confuse and mislead enemies.
  • Rocket Launcher - Although the attachment on Hound's shoulder has frequently been stated to be a radar device, it has also been shown to be a rocket launcher in some stories. It certainly looks like one.