DLN-005 Ice Man is one of Dr. Light's original Robot Masters from the first Mega Man game. The parka-clad Ice Man was designed to work in environments too cold for humans to work in. He is impervious to sub-zero temperatures and can easily traverse icy terrain. When he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Ice Man was armed with the Ice Slasher which allowed him to freeze enemies solid and throw blades of ice at opponents. Despite popular belief, he can also function in hot environments, though his powers are obviously less effective in such conditions. In other media, like the rest of the first Robot Master Ice Man was reprogrammed back to being good and served as an ally to the Light Family. He is sometimes depicted with having a crush on Roll.

Ice Man's personality has differed considerably between mediums. In Mega Man Megamix and the Archie Comics Mega Man series, he has been shown to have a somewhat nervous disposition. In the PSP remake of the first game - Mega Man Powered Up - he seems to have a split personality, referring to himself as a soldier in first-person and a commander in third-person.

Weapon: Ice Slasher - Ice Man freezes the air directly in front of him to form blades of ice to launch at his enemies. Mega Man is capable of copying this ability.

Weakness: Thunder Beam - Just because his strength is ice doesn't mean his weakness is fire. Heat-based attacks only do as much damage as a standard Buster weapon. Ice Man is however vulnerable to electricity and explosives.

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