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Inferno is the Autobots' search and rescue specialist. While he is certainly good at his job when he does it, he relishes the opportunity to throw himself into combat. He can often be distracted by battle and tends to get involved in the fighting rather than stick to his assigned task. Thus far, these actions have yet to lead to any lost lives, but Optimus Prime knows what must be done should Inferno ever cross that line.


  • Alternate Mode - Inferno transforms into a fire truck.
  • Heat Resistance - Inferno's ceramic-plated armour can withstand temperatures of up to 8000 degrees Celsius.
  • Extinguisher Rifle - As well as launching fire-retardant foam, Inferno's rifle can also fire an energy-dampening beam to disable Decepticon weapons.
  • Surface-to-air Missiles - Inferno's hands can be detached and fitted with short-range missiles.

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