Iron Man Armor MK I 001
The original Iron Man armour built by Tony Stark after being captured by a group of terrorists in the Middle East. This armour was created using materials produced by Stark Industries that Wong Chu had acquired through illicit means and were originally supposed to be components for a long-range missile system. With the help of fellow scientist and hostage Yinsen, Stark fooled his captors long enough to build the armoured exoskeleton that allowed him to escape. Unfortunately, Yinsen was killed in the crossfire. The Mark I Iron Man suit helped to inspire Stark to pursue his new approach to safeguarding global security and serves as the basis of every suit Stark has made since. Stark has fallen back on the Mark I occasionally when his more up-to-date suits and technology have been compromised.


  • Jet Boots - The Mark I is capable of jumping extraordinary heights using the electrically-charged air boosters in its boots. It is not capable of sustained flight.
  • Magnetic Generators - Using the Mark I's miniature magnetic field generators, Stark could attract or repel metallic objects, disrupt electrical equipment and jam radio communications.
  • Power Supply - Stark could recharge the suit through his chest plate by plugging it into any electrical source.
  • Pacemaker - Iron Man’s chest-plate contained an external pacemaker that electronically stimulated his injured heart, forcing it to function while worn.
  • Secondary Tools - The Mark I was also equipped with various tools such as a finger saw, suction cups for clinging to flat surfaces, and a blowtorch.