IronMan MKII 001
As soon as he returned to America following his captivity, Tony Stark set to work on upgrading the Iron Man suit that allowed him to escape. The armour was outfitted with new weapons and its existing gadgets were all enhanced. Tony even painted the suit gold to make it appear less intimidating to the public, earning him the nickname "The Golden Avenger". He would keep the armour during his early days with the Avengers, but the suit was compromised when Iron Man first fought the villain known as Mister Doll.


  • Jet Boots - Enhanced with propellers for underwater mobility and skating wheels for increased speed on land.
  • Impact Control Switch - Allowed Iron Man to control how much physical force he put into his physical attacks and could dampen the impacts he recieved in battle.
  • Weapons - The Mark II was equipped with repulsor beam emitters in both hands, a heat ray in the chest plate, and could electrocute anyone that touched the armour. The repulsor beams would come to be regarded as Iron Man's signature weapon with most succeeding suits being equipped with repulsors as standard.
  • Tools and Gadgets - Diamond-edged digging tools, tear gas, freon tablets and even a special sledgehammer for fighting hyper-strong opponents such as the Hulk or Abomination.