Iron Man Armor MK III
The third Iron Man suit was built following Tony Stark's disastrous battle against the super-villain Mister Doll, who took advantage of the Mark II armour's clunkiness and lack of dexterity. With that in mind, Tony designed the Mark III to be sleeker and more lightweight. He successfully defeated Mister Doll with this armour and continued to use it for several years. Its red and gold colour scheme would become Iron Man's trademark and both the paint job and the Mark III's capabilities would set the standard for nearly all of Stark's future suits.


  • Jet Boots - Iron Man had finally achieved full-on flight with the Mark III.
  • Repulsor Beams - Fired from both hands. These weapons would become standard issue with all future Iron Man suits.
  • Unibeam - Higher output repulsor beam fired from Iron Man's chest unit. Would also become standard for future suits.
  • Sensors - Equipped with radar, sonar, magnetic repellor and energy detector.
  • Compactability - The Mark III is the first Iron Man suit that Stark could pack into a suitcase.


  • The Iron Man Mark III had two different helmets: one riveted and one with a horned mask. The horned helmet was worn more often.