Jazz is a long-serving member of the Autobots and is Optimus Prime's right-hand man. His job is to organize and oversee special operations and arrange surprises for the Decepticons in battle. He excels at improvisation and can come up with a back-up plan immediately should the original one fail.


Jazz is highly popular amongst his fellow Autobots due to his upbeat personality. He likes to do everything with style and enjoys immersing himself in alien culture. He has incorporated a great deal of Earth slang into his vocabulary and he loves human music and media.


  • Alternate Mode - Jazz can transform into a Porsche 935 Turbo.
  • Visual/Audio Disruptors - Jazz can use powerful sound amplifiers and strong multicoloured lights in robot or vehicle mode that will disrupt the audio and optic sensors of Decepticons.
  • Photon Rifle - Jazz's primary weapon in robot mode. The rifle is solar-powered and has an effective range of .9 miles.
  • Grappling Hook - Mounted within Jazz's arm is a grappling hook and tow cable for rescuing Autobots from environmental hazards.