A Jovian battle fleet emerges from a Dimensional Leap Gate

Chulips are gigantic, cocoon-shaped, unmanned spacecraft used by the Jovian Federation. Their outer hulls are virtually impenetrable and they can hurtle through space and collide with any obstacles in their without taking damage or being knocked off course. The interior of a Chulip is lined with thousands of Chulip Crystals (C.C's) that generate an immense amount of gravimetric and Bose particles to create a dimensional gate. When two Chulips open, a dimensional tunnel is formed between them to allow instantaneous travel between two points in space. The Jovians have launched hundreds of Chulips at Mars, Earth and Luna over the course of their war with the United Earth Forces and use them to send fleets of battleships and robots to bypass planetary defenses and attack key targets. Chulips have no weapons of their own other than tractor beams to pull enemy ships inside and several mechanical tendrils to swat enemy fighters out of the sky.