Grasshopper concept art

The Jovian Drone Interceptor is a highly mobile and versatile battle robot used by the Jovian Federation in Martian Successor Nadesico. They were the most commonly used Jovian robots during the Earth-Jupiter War, appearing on almost every battlefield over the course of the conflict. Due to their insectoid appearance, the United Earth Armed Forces would refer to the Interceptor drones as "Grasshoppers".

Overview Edit

Grasshopper drones are sophisticated robotic assault units capable of functioning on land and in air, sea and space. They appear to be large yellow bugs with four legs and are both strong and highly mobile. They are armed with vulkan cannons on either side of their heads and their shells conceal thirty micro-missiles that can all be fired at once to rain down destruction on enemies. Grasshoppers are highly maneuverable in air and space, their agility hampered only by their machine intelligence. In space, they gain additional protection in the form of graviton-wave shielding.