Knight Man (DWN-044) is a Robot Master from Mega Man 6 designed to resemble a medieval knight, with his resistant spiked armour. He was created primarily for combat, with balanced attack and defense attributes, and it is said that he has defeated over 1000 robots in duel. Knight Man is equipped with the Knight Crush, a strong flail (sometimes called mace or morning star) with a long chain in his left arm which allows him to attack with huge power from great distances. In his right arm he holds a resistant knight's shield, allowing him to block almost all attacks from the front.

In the First Annual Robot Tournament, he was reprogrammed by Mr. X to help him conquer the world. Because of his spirit of chivalry and honor, Yamato Man has great respect for him, and ironically, his weakness is the Yamato Spear, due to its ability to go around his shield and pierce his armour.

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