A life-size statue of a Laputian robot stands on the grounds of the Ghibli Museum in Japan

In the Japanese animated film Laputa: Castle In The Sky, the floating island nation of Laputa was protected by large humanoid robots of significant power. They had barrel-shaped bodies and their limbs consisted of multiple flat segments; the robot's arms reach from its shoulders all the way to the floor when standing. While the robots normally tended to the gardens and structures within Laputa, they were also adept fighting machines. Their bodies were extremely durable and could withstand direct hits from artillery. The robots could also fire devastating laser beams from the large eyes in their heads and a malleable material in their arms could form between the spikes along the arms, forming webbed wings allowing the robots to glide and even fly.

In the real world, the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan displays a life-sized statue of a Laputian robot on its grounds.