Laserbeak is a spy and scout for the Decepticons and one of Soundwave's Mini-Cassette minions. He is also a fearsome aerial warrior, capable of even outmatching the Seekers, despite his size and physical weakness. However, frontline assaults are not Laserbeak's forte; he prefers to conduct sneak attacks from behind and takes a maniacal pleasure in crippling his enemies and making their last moments as terrifying and painful as possible. His sadism is matched only by his cowardice, however, as he will quickly turn tail and flee if the odds are not in his favour. He does nothing to hide his cowardice from Megatron because he knows that the Decepticon commander has a special appreciation for his talents.


  • Flight - With his avian design, Laserbeak is an expert flyer. His top speed is 250 mph with a range of 1500 miles.
  • Visual/Audio Recorder - Laserbeak has cameras housed within his head that capture video and photographic images with flawless detail. As a cassette, he can playback his findings on any recording device.
  • Laser Cannons - The laser pods on Laserbeak's back are capable of detaching from him and flying on their own to attack targets independently. The beams they fire can pierce 2-inch thick steel from 30 miles away.