Lex Luthor 004

Lex Luthor is the well-known arch-nemesis of Superman in the DC Comics universe. He is an ingenious scientist and businessman and corrupt to the core, obsessed with using his vast intellect to destroy Superman and his superhero allies and to take over the world. Luthor's brilliance extends to all fields of science, including robotics and cybernetics. Throughout various DC continuities, he has created all manner of robots and devices with which to destroy Superman and other heroes. As a white-collar businessman, Lex has formed many partnerships with different military powers and supplied them with various hi-tech weapon systems. Like many mad scientists, he keeps his best toys for his own use, such as a kryptonite-powered battlesuit that allows him to battle Superman face-to-face.

Luthor's WarsuitEdit

Luthor has built several Warsuits over the years in order to fight Superman on equal - if not superior - terms. The original prototype suit was defective as it would drive its user to madness, but Luthor received a new suit some time later that had been created on Apokolips. This suit was also destroyed, but Luthor would create others based on the Apokoliptian design. The suit is powered by kryptonite - Superman's only true weakness - and utilizes various devices and weapons based on the radioactive substance.

Suit CapabilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - Increases Luthor's physical strength and durability to almost match Superman.
  • Flight - Jet boots allow for sustained flight.
  • Force Fields - Energy shielding protects unarmoured parts of the suit from physical attacks and energy attacks.
  • Energy Blasters - Uses kryptonite to fire deadly radiation beams that can kill any living thing, including Kryptonians.