Long Haul serves as the resource transport for the Constructicons. He is little more than a lowly labourer and he absolutely despises his job, frequently complaining about his unglamourous position. As dull as his job may be, he knows that someone has to it. The other Decepticons are usually content to let him whine as much as he wants, so long as he keeps doing the task he's built for. If there is a bright side to Long Haul's service to the Decepticons, it's combining with his fellow Constructicons to form the titanic Devastator.


  • Alt-Mode - Long Haul transforms into a dump truck and can carry up to 90 tons for 1200 miles.
  • Weapons - Carries a laser pistol in robot mode and a missile launcher in vehicle mode.
  • Gestalt Component - Long Haul forms Devastator's torso module.