Love Machine's second form.

Love Machine is an artificial intelligence entity developed by Wabisuke Jinnouchi for hacking. It is hyper-intelligent and immensely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though views every one of its actions as a game. Thus, it will not back down if challenged.

After Wabisuke sold Love Machine to the US military, the army unleashed the AI upon the virtual community of OZ. Love Machine obtained the security code for OZ's administration and sent it out via SMS to a number of users, seizing control of the accounts of anyone who cracked the code and hijacking the avatar and account of part-time OZ adminstrator Kenji Koiso, implicating Kenji as the hacker. It then set about fighting off and absorbing other users' accounts into itself, though the legendary King Kazma was saved from absorption by Kenji, now using a guest account. Love Machine immediately assumed a larger, more intimidating form, entered OZ's infrastructure and began playing havoc with it, causing widespread damage and chaos to a number of industries around the world, as so many had linked up with OZ. It continued to steal accounts as it went, but seemed to be brought down by Kenji, King Kazuma and several male members of the Jinnouchi clan in a partial act of revenge, as Love Machine's meddling led to the untimely death of the clan's matriarch, Sakae Jinnouchi.

Love Machine broke out of its prison however, using the stolen accounts to mutate into a monstrous black form, and absorbed King Kazuma, topping its new form off with a set of rabbit ears. It then proceeded to take control of the Arawashi Space Probe, which was already off course, and target it to hit a nuclear power plant. Kenji and the Jinnouchis banded together to bring Love Machine down. While Natsuki Shinohara took Love Machine on in a heated game of Koi-Koi to win back the stolen accounts, Kenji and Wabisuke attempted to seize control of the account that should have controlled the Arawashi probe. Love Machine was critically damaged after losing the game with Natsuki, reverting to its Kenji-esque form, but redirected the Arawashi's course to hit Sakae's estate. It repeatedly blocked Kenji's attempts to enter the probe's GPS system, but Wabisuke was able to weaken Love Machine's defences, giving King Kazuma the opportunity to punch the AI into oblivion, just as Kenji was able to redirect the probe away from the estate.