ME3 Marauder
Marauders are Reaper ground troops that appear in Mass Effect 3. They are Turians that have been augmented with - and mutated by - Reaper technology.

Overview Edit

Marauders act as front-line shock troops, support units and squad leaders in the Reaper army. They are typically seen leading groups of Husks and Cannibals on the battlefield and support these units by casting a ribbon of energy that generates scabby armour plates that offer the Husks and Cannibals additional protection from gunfire. For this reason, Alliance soldiers are ordered to target Marauders first when encountering such groups.

Capabilities Edit

Marauders are slender foes and their armour offers only moderate protection, but they are also equipped with kinetic shielding that provides additional defence from weapons fire. They are armed with Phaeston rifles, the standard field weapon of Turian soldiers. As mentioned above, Marauders can reinforce Cannibals and Husks by forming scabby armour shells upon their bodies.