The mighty Megatron is the ruthless and power-hungry founder and leader of the Decepticons. Throughout his life, he has preached about Transformer superiority over all life-forms, that the children of Cybertron are destined bring order to a chaotic universe through conquest. He despises the idea of peaceful co-existence with weak organic beings, that their only purpose in the universe is to be locked into servitude... or die. His philosophy of "peace through tyranny" and his brutal tactics and methods make him the polar opposite of his hated nemesis, Optimus Prime.

When the Decepticon uprising first began, it was to unite the Transformers by demolishing the corrupt caste system instigated by the Autobot Council. Soon, Megatron started planning on a cosmic scale, and intended to turn Cybertron into a gargantuan dreadnought that would swiftly dominate - or annihilate - all life across the galaxies. For centuries, he led the Decepticons into battle against the Autobots for control of Cybertron's resources, which became depleted over the course of the war and the planet was left in shambles. Megatron has since set his sights on Earth and other planets, hoping to harvest their resources and enslave their populations. His plans are always foiled by the Autobots, but he will never surrender and he will not stop until the Autobots have been destroyed and the universe is his to control.


  • Invulnerability - Megatron is the strongest and most ferocious of the Decepticons. He has no known weaknesses and every time he has been believed to be mortally wounded, he has returned even more powerful than before.
  • Energon Mace - In close combat, Megatron favours his energon mace. He has been known to use other melee weapons including energy swords, axes, saws, and even his bare hands. 
  • Fusion Cannon - The fusion cannon is Megatron's primary weapon and is always attached to his arm. It fires devastating blasts of gamma-irradiated plasma which, at full power, can obliterate entire cities. He can also interdimensionally link the cannon up to a black hole and draw upon the anti-matter inside to power a blast capable of destroying small planets, at the cost of leaving Megatron in a weakened state.
  • Alternate Modes - On Cybertron, Megatron transformed into a Cybertronian battle tank. On Earth, he shrinks down and transforms into a modified Walther P38 handgun.