Mekanik is a gigantic robot dinosaur that appears in Sonic the Comic Issues 57 and 58 in the two-part Sonic story, The Rampage of Mekanik.


Frustrated by the recent disappearance of the Emerald Hill Zone's population, Dr. Robotnik decided to victimize other zones to insure their residents that he hadn't forgotten about them. And so, Robotnik created the terrifying Mekanik: a gigantic robot built from the nigh-invulnerable alloy Megatal. The Mekanik was deployed to the Stone Tower Zone, an area largely ignored during the course of Robotnik's rule. It rampaged through the city destroying everything in its path until it was impeded by Sonic the Hedgehog and his gang of Freedom Fighters. Sonic's attacks had no effect on the Mekanik and the battle seemed hopeless, until help arrived in the form of Shortfuse the Cybernik, a usually solo hero who had turned against Robotnik. The Mekanik tried to kill Shortfuse with its flame breath, but Shortfuse's Megatal armour protected him. Shortfuse helped Sonic defeat the Mekanik by concentrating his laser fire on the small gaps between its armour plates, heating them up and softening them. Sonic was then able to break through the weakened areas and get inside the giant robot's internal mechanics, tearing the monster apart from within.