Robot Master


Metal Man

Serial Number



Dr. Albert W. Wily

Primary Function



Metal Blade


Quick Boomerang

Metal Man (DWN-009) is one of Dr. Wily's eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. His design was closely based on Cut Man, one of Dr. Light's robots. He is constructed from lightweight materials and his stability is enhanced by a sensitive gyroscope installed in his body. He possesses high agility, but low defense. He tends to leap about and avoid attacks while returning them in kind with the lethal saw blades he wields. His gloves are padded with anti-slip surfaces so he can better grip his blades.


  • Metal Blade - Metal Man is armed with several saw blades made of ceramic titanium, capable of tearing through robots with ease. Unfortunately, Metal Man's weapon is also his greatest weakness and two hits from these blades can kill him, this due to the fact his frame is incredibly thin and easiyl be shredded.


  • Quick Boomerang - Aside from his own weapon, Metal Man is also vulnerable to Quick Man's boomerangs, which due to itheir sharp, and abiltiy to be produce in fast rates can reduce Metal Man to scrap in seconds.
  • Mega Buster - Mega Man's arm cannon will normally only take off 1 point of health with each hit, but Metal Man's lightweight body loses 2 health points with each shot.