Metal Mate is a humanoid construction robot that appears in Sonic the Comic's 121st issue in the Sonic story Bee Prepared. Created by sleazy businessman Max Gamble, the Metal Mate was supposedly intended to perform day-to-day construction tasks and eliminate the need to hire living people who required rest and demanded pay. Gamble planned to sell a Metal Mate to some wealthy investors, but the robot malfunctioned and went berserk. As it began smashing everything in sight, Max complained to himself that the robot wasn't supposed to malfunction until after he had sold it, implying that he intentionally made a shoddy product and intended to kill his customers. Sonic the Hedgehog and Charmy Bee were on hand to stop the rampant Metal Mate, with Charmy planting a pickaxe in the robot's seams and Sonic smashing it to bits with a Spin Attack. The plutonium core in the robot's head began to overload once its body had been smashed, but Charmy was able to take the head high into the sky and throw it far enough so that no one was harmed by the explosion.