The Mighty Gazelle is a driver in the F-Zero Grand Prix, piloting the Red Gazelle. His original name is unknown.

Before his racing career began, he would occupy himself playing video games with kids in his neighbourhood, showing a particular aptitude for the racing genre. This led him to try his hand at the real thing, and surprisingly, he qualified for the F-Zero Grand Prix. Tragedy struck early in his career however, as a horrific accident was apparently caused by Pico in one grand prix. Many drivers were injured but he took the worst damage and the only option was for him to be rebuilt as a cyborg, courtesy of Cyberstick Industries, the same company who built the Red Gazelle. When his fiance visited the hospital, she was so horrified by what her future husband had become, she ran away in tears, never to be seen again. It is unclear how much of his original body is left.

When he learned that F-Zero was back on track, now as F-Zero X, the Gazelle immediately signed up, having nothing else to live for. His participation has caused some controversy, many feeling that his being a cyborg gives him an unfair advantage, but he ignores this: no protest would make him skip a race. He has analysed his performance in his previous racing ventures and fine-tuned all his reflex-related components so he can't lose.