Mirage was once a member of Cybertron's upper crust, enjoying the high-society life with turbofox hunting and indulging in the finest energon. All that ended when the war began and Mirage - like all Cybertronians - was forced to choose sides. Though he sided with the Autobots, he sometimes feels that it wouldn't really matter which side he was on, that the end result would be the same: he would be down in the muck with all the common ruffians he once kept at arms length and Cybertron would still be a wasteland. He misses his homeworld terribly and spends much of his downtime dwelling on the past. He often has to be cajoled into action by Optimus Prime, who seems to be the only Autobot who really trusts him.


  • Alternate Mode - Mirage's Earth-vehicle mode is that of a Formula One racecar.
  • Electro-Disruptor - This device allows Mirage to deceive enemies by making himself appear to be in a different location than where he actually is.
  • Cloaking Device - Mirage can render himself completely invisible for brief periods.
  • Armour-Piercing Rounds - Mirage's hunting rifle fires liquid-fuel-powered darts that can puncture the chassis' of even the most hardened Decepticon soldiers.