Monitor cyborgs are cybernetic surveillance units created and used by the international crime syndicate, Shadaloo. They have appeared in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and their function is to survey martial artists and street fighters around the world, analyzing their fighting abilities and relaying their data to Shadaloo's headquarters so that M.Bison may determine the fighters' potential use as brainwashed soldiers in his army.

Monitor cyborgs all appear identical, standing 7 feet tall and appearing to be quite muscular. Many of their machine components are clearly visible, requiring them to monitor fighters from a safe distance. They also wear clothing, which will vary depending on where they are deployed. They are not designed to engage in combat themselves and will leave their operational area if discovered. In the Street Fighter II film, Chun-Li manages to decapitate a cyborg with a single kick. The body continued walking briefly after its head was severed, but fell over after bumping into an obstacle.

Trivia Edit

  • While the Monitor Cyborg is referred to as a cyborg, the truth of this statement is unclear. It is never shown how they are created, nor is it clear if any part of them is organic. In one scene in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Chun-Li decapitates a Monitor Cyborg, but only electronic circuitry and wiring is seen in the wound and there is absolutely no blood. As such, the Monitor Cyborg may actually be an android rather than a true cyborg.