Needle Man (DWN-017) is a Robot Master created jointly by Dr. Albert W. Wily and Dr. Thomas Light. He is one of the eight selectable bosses in Mega Man 3.

Originally built to be a robot miner, Needle Man and the other Robot Masters of his line were programmed by Wily to rebel against Dr. Light and steal the energen ore they were mining for Wily's own purposes. Because of his bulk, Needle Man is often misconcieved to be slow, but he is lightweight and can easily outpace Mega Man. Despite having no hands, Needle Man can still be a deadly foe at close range. The spikes on his head can be extended to impale enemies in close proximity.


  • Needle Cannon - The spikes that Needle Man shoots from his arm guns can pierce 10-inch thick rock and are fired rapidly like a machine gun. Mega Man can copy this ability.
  • Spike Header - The bed of spikes on Needle Man's head extend a short distance and can deliver massive damage.


  • Needle Man's body armour is relatively thin and can easily be pierced by rapid sharp projectiles or a powerful, finely-focused laser.