Heroes Render NeoMetal

In the Sonic Heroes video game, Metal Sonic has been upgraded by Dr. Eggman and given new powers and a new image. He serves as the main antagonist of the game, having rebelled against his creator and usurped the Eggman Empire by impersonating him. Disguised as Eggman, Neo Metal Sonic initiates a plan to finally destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and conquer the world in the doctor's place.

Sonic HeroesEdit


After impersonating Eggman, Neo Metal Sonic locked up his maker aboard the Final Fortress, the flagship of the Egg Fleet. Commanding the doctor's armies and using his various mecha to engage Sonic and friends, he was able to copy the data of Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog and Chaos in order to enhance his own power. Using the heroes' and Chaos's combined data, Metal Sonic fused himself with the Final Fortress and transformed into a giant robotic monster: Metal Madness. With the Chaos Emeralds, the heroes attack the monstrosity, but are unable to significantly damage it. Metal then becomes the Metal Overlord and takes to the sky, vowing to destroy the heroes and conquer the world. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles use the Chaos Emeralds to transform into their 'Super' states, and with their combined power, succeed in stopping Metal Sonic. Metal's enhancements fail him and he reverts back to his original form.


Metal Sonic is slightly taller in his Neo form. His head has changed shape, his spines extending to five sharp points, giving his head a distinct star shape. Silver stripes also run along the length of each spike and he even has silver 'lashes' at the edges of his eyes. Metal's arms and legs are bulkier and longer than before and he has a belt around his waist. Hanging from the belt is a cape-like skirt, giving him a particularly dominating image.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Neo Metal Sonic possesses all of his original abilities, but is not shown using them in the game. He has, however, obtained the ability to morph into a silvery liquid mass and even assume the forms of other individuals, such as Dr. Eggman and Sonic. He can also copy the data of other characters in order to mimic their abilities, a trait he has kept since losing his Neo form at the end of Sonic Heroes. And of course, using all of the combined data, Neo Metal Sonic can transform into Metal Madness: a enormous robotic creature fused to the Final Fortress.

Other versionsEdit

Metal Sonic TroopersEdit

In Archie Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Sir Charles Hedgehog built an army of Metal Sonic duplicates to aid the Knothole Kingdom in its war against the Eggman Empire during Sonic's journey in outer space. Though Mobius believed Sonic to be dead, Charles was hesitant to use the troopers. Fortunately, Sonic returned alive and well and the Metal Sonic army was never deployed. However, the troopers were commandeered by Dr. Eggman's renegade AI A.D.A.M., who used them to try and kill both the doctor and the Freedom Fighters. Luckily, Sonic was aided by Shadow and the two hedgehogs succeeded in destroying the robots before they could level Knothole.

Neo MetallixEdit

In Sonic the Comic Online, Sonic faced public outrage thanks to a smear campaign launched by corrupt media mogul, Percival Kane. The hero was framed for a number of crimes that he later discovered had been perpetrated by a new model of Metallix. This Neo Metallix possessed polymimetic properties and could change shape at will, and had assumed Sonic's form as it launched several terrorist attacks and even threatened to conquer Mobius on global television. It even attacked the Freedom Fighters using Sonic's form, thereby destroying their trust in Sonic completely. It had even abducted the real Sonic and imprisoned him inside a volcano, where it tortured him for days. Sonic refused to give up and managed to cause an eruption, and just narrowly escaped whilst Neo Metallix was consumed by the lava. Sonic was then contacted by Grimer - Dr. Robotnik's former lackey - who revealed that he created the Metallix and had orchestrated Sonic's fall from grace.

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