Nergal Heavy Industries is a heavy arms manufacturer that plays a pivotal role in the events of the anime series,
Martian Successor Nadesico. The company designs and constructs numerous military grade robots, most notably the Aestivalis series. They are also responsible for building the space battleship ND-001 Nadesico and assembling its crew of civilian "experts". Nergal were contracted by the United Earth Armed Forces to produce new ships and weapons for them to protect Earth from the invading Jovians, but over the course of the series it is revealed that the company was involved in researching ancient Martian ruins and technology. In the latter half of the Nadesico series, it is revealed that Nergal also knew of the origins of the Jovians and had attempted to keep it quiet. They also conducted numerous experiments into Bosun-jumping, a form of space/time teleportation, and their experiments always met with fatal results.

Nergal Heavy Industries is named after the Babylonian deity Nergal, a god of war and pestilence. The Babylonians also referred to the planet Mars by this name.

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