Nimrod 005

Nimrod is the most advanced mutant-hunting robot ever created. It originates from the Marvel Comics multiverse alternate timeline of Earth-811, better known as the Days Of Future Past. It is the most powerful model of Sentinel in existence and possesses a wide range of powers and abilities, the limits of which are unknown. As a Sentinel, its primary function is mutant eradication. On several occasions it has been sent back in time to hunt down time-travellers attempting to prevent the Sentinels' subjegation of humanity, often coming into conflict with the X-Men and their allies.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Adaptability - Nimrod is capable of reconfiguring its components at will to resist attacks and counter them.
  • Molecular Rearrangement - Nimrod's reconfigurement works on a molecular level. As well as being able to adapt to any kind of attack, it can alter its size, disguise itself as a human being, and can repair itself even if it is completely torn apart.
  • Weapons - Nimrod is armed with a multitude of energy weapons, such as concussive blasters, lasers and plasma beams. It can also generate magnetic fields to levitate iron and steel.
  • Teleportation
  • Energy Barriers