MmPu Oilman

Oil Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light that appears in the PSP remake of the first Mega Man game, Mega Man: Powered Up! According to the retconned story, he was one of two experimental Robot Masters that were incomplete at the time of the unveiling of Light's original six robots. Dr. Wily stole Oil Man from Light's lab along with the others and completed him, turning him into a combat robot. He has a rather upbeat personality and thinks that oil is the solution to all of life's problems. He has yet to prove that statement correct.


  • Oil Slider - Oil Man squirts the oil from his arm cannon to lay drops of it like liquid landmines. He will also create slippery slides of oil to throw opponents off-balance. Mega Man can copy this weapon.


  • Fire Storm - Obviously, Oil Man is vulnerable to fire which can ignite his oil supply and cause him to explode.


  • Oil Man's appearance faced a great deal of controversy outside of Japan. His black colour scheme and puffy pink lips are reminiscent of how black people were once depicted in old Western animation, so his lips were recoloured yellow when MM:Powered Up! was released in the US and Europe.
  • Oil Man has also appeared as a supporting character in Archie Comics' Mega Man series. He has not been illustrated in the "chibi" design of the Powered Up! game, his image similar to the mainstream Mega Man art style. In the comics, his scarf covers his mouth.