Outback is a bit of a maverick amongst the Autobots. He doesn't believe in so-called "rules of war" which he feels only exist to make winning more difficult. He doesn't care much for following the tactics of others and tends to prefer operating alone on missions. While an unconventional soldier, it can't be disputed that Outback is a good soldier. However, as dedicated as he is to the fight against the Decepticons, Outback secretly believes that the war is a lost cause. Even if the Autobots should win, Outback is certain he won't be around to see it.

When communicating in Human English, Outback speaks with a distinct Australian accent.


  • Alt-Mode - Outback transforms into an armoured Land Rover, capable of 110 mph top speed with a range of 800 miles. He does his best driving off-road and can traverse even the most rugged terrain with ease.
  • Mortar Cannon - Outback's signature weapon can be used in robot mode or can be mounted atop a roof turret in vehicle form. This weapon can fire armour-piercing shells with a range of 3 miles.