Pharoah Man (DWN-028) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. He was created by Dr. Cossack to explore ancient ruins and is clearly stylized with an Egyptian motiff; his helmet resembles the headdress worn by Tutenkamun. Boasting great charisma, Pharoah Man can be considered the leader of the Cossack Numbers. He does have his flaws, however, such as a nervous disposition around attractive women and sensitive eyes that cannot stand bright light.


  • Pharoah Shot - A thermal energy weapon that can fire small balls of heat or be charged up to fire a crescent of energy to destroy opponents. Mega Man can copy this ability.
  • Pharoah Wave - An attack that Pharoah Man wields in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. He fires a wave of heat energy from either side of him. Mega Man can also copy this attack.
  • Levitation - In MM2:TPF, Pharoah Man can also defy gravity and float in the air.
  • Pharoah's Eye - Pharoah Man summons what appears to be a large eye to protect him.


  • Flash Stopper - Pharoah Man's eyes are highly sensitive and a strong enough flash of light can fry his optic sensors and even damage his brain core.