Plant Man (DWN-045) is one of the eight Robot Masters introduced in Mega Man 6. He was crafted in the image of a flower as a means of camouflage and was originally created as the caretaker of a botanical garden. Like the flowers he tends to, he is delicate and sensitive and is known for getting depressed easily. Plant Man was modified for battle in order to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament, but was abducted and reprogrammed along with the other contenders to assist in Mr. X's plans for world domination.


  • Plant Communication - Plant Man is capable of talking to plants and calling upon them for help. In Mega Man: The Power Fighters, he can summon small flower-shaped robots to harass his opponents.
  • Plant Barrier - An energy shield that takes the appearance of spotted flower petals that rotate around Plant Man's body. He can deflect shots with the petals and even launch them towards enemies. Mega Man can copy this power.


  • Blizzard Attack (Mega Man 6) - Plant Man, like many actual plants, cannot stand temperature extremes and is vulnerable to freezing cold.
  • Atomic Fire (Mega Man Power Battle) - High temperatures can cause Plant Man's circuitry to fry.
  • Gyro Attack (Mega Man Power Fight - Gyro Man's weapon can easily reduce Plant Man to mulch.

Other appearancesEdit

Plant Man has recently appeared in Archie's Mega Man comic book series. He was designed by Pedro Astil and works alongside Dr. Light in developing a liquid coating that can protect robots from an electromagnetic field generated by Ra Moon which has blanketed the whole planet.