Powerglide is an Autobot scout and warrior with a distinct advantage over many of his comrades: he can fly. Most Autobots aren't flight-capable and Powerglide has a tendency to show off his aerial talents on a regular basis. Unlike the Decepticon Seekers, he excels in aerial acrobatics, performing all manner of daring mid-air stunts in his vehicle mode. His maneuverability in aerial combat is unmatched, but his offensive capabilities are somewhat lacking in comparison to Starscream and his fleet.


  • Aerial Mode - Powerglide transforms into an A-10 Thunderbolt II jet. In this mode, his top cruising speed is 500 mph and he can periodically make 3200 mph acceleration bursts.
  • Thermal Beam - Powerglide can emit a laser beam from his nose module in jet mode to scorch enemy aircraft. In robot mode, he can use this beam as a welding tool.
  • Concussion Bombs - Powerglide can deliver a small payload of concussive shells in jet mode. These bombs aren't very effective in the air but can cause serious damage to ground-level targets.